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Books one through three were great. He hung it up for too long, and lost where he was going with it. Ultimately it becomes cheese when he deus ex machinas it in the end. I guess getting hit by a van whilst out jogging tends to fuck a person up.

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King's best work is his short stories. He really benefits from a ruthless editor. Unfortunately, as he got more famous, his publisher didn't have the balls to cut the worthless shit from his books.

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Is this SK? I never got into any of it. He’s a pulp artist akin to Danielle Steele.

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It is. But it's a SK classic so I figured I would finally read it. It's moments of very creative world building and making you think "where is he going". To "wtf is this garbage. Was he jerking off while writing this, it's fucking weird and not in a fun way." I think he started it in the mid 80s or something.

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Understandable. Also he’s not known for knowing how to end a story. YMMV

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No he is way better than Steele. You don't have to like his books, but his imagination and writing talent is second to none.

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feels like airport trash to me, from his descriptive work to general stories. For me, one of the worst over gratified authors.

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SK is terrible at writing a full length story, the only things he made that are readable are his short stories.

Dark Tower is worse than Steele's Pulp.

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Thank you for your passion.

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The first three books were written closely together. I got sucked in to the series and then had to wait a long time for book four. Personally It was hit and miss, the resumed story just didn't have the same feel as the first books.

Also, avoid the movie at all cost. It's terrible.

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In my opinion it goes up and down. It gets really good for awhile then it's almost like he gets bored with the story and sort of just phones it in for awhile, then he gets back into it. I really didn't like the way the series ends, which I won't tell you, but honestly it sort of makes sense of all the weirdness that happens all through the series.

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It does pick up but you spend 3 more books to get a short story ending. The last 200 pages of the last book scream that King was a loss on how to finish so just threw some shit together to tie it up.

It is hard to believe that someone could devote so much time and effort writing a series and making a good chunk of their work tie into this series only to fuck up the ending as spectacularly as King did with the Dark Tower.

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I tried to read that series many years ago. My memory is that it was so tiresome and dragged so badly that I gave up after 4 or so books. Sounds like it hasn’t changed much over the years.

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A lot of people speak well of the series, but is pretty far from my favorite. It would be a lot better if you took out the Detta character completely, and Eddie doesn't add much either. Roland is the good part as is the earlier parts of the series so I think you already have read the best books. So if you are wondering if somewhere later in the series will be as good as the first 3 books, it will not. If you don't think 4 is good enough on its own, I doubt there is going to be much in the remaining books taken as a whole that is any better.

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