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So go read Pauline Reage’s “The Story of O” for a while. You’ll recover.

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For a porn novel, it's not badly written ... for a porn novel.

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Read it ahheady.

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My favorite fiction heroines were O and Fanny Hill. I’m not part of the new generation that’s into black superheroes, tranny superheroes, lezzie superheroes, etc ad nauseum...

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I tend to agree. Goethe's reputation is much higher than it deserves to be. When it came out, The Sorrows of Young Werther caused a sensation, because sensitive, artistic young men (the soy boys of their generation) started to commit suicide in imitation of the protagonist. But reading it today, as I did for university, it falls flat on its face. It just has nothing of importance or interest to say. The same can be said of another minor literary sensation in its time, The History of Rasselas by Doctor Samuel Johnson, which was very much reprinted, but is a shitty little novel that Johnson dashed off for money. Come to think of it, Richardson's Pamela and Tom Jones by Fielding also suck, and are much more of a chore to wade through because they are so fucking long. These novels may be literary epochs, but they aren't very good novels.

But don't get soured on classics. There are many classic novels that are great reading. The novels of the Bronte sisters, Jane Austin's novels, Thackery, Dickens, Melville, and countless others more than repay the effort to read them.

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You could say the same thing about lots of old literature.

Uncle Tom's Cabin- unreadable, caused the Civil War.

Gone with the Wind- best-selling trash ever.

Dickens, Jane Austen, just about every 19th-century author- how can anybody read that stuff?

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Sense and Sensibility is okay, but yeah, Pride and Prejudice is complete ass.

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A few paragraphs of that stuff and my eyelids start getting very, very heavy.

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To have intense erotic feelings and being compelled to supress it and chose suicide as an anger diacharge? It has struck a chord - thousands of teenagers killed themselves after reading it. Of course his style makes it not easy to read today. But I worked in a movie based on it and it was fun to make and people liked it /40 ys ago/