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Now that you've read the books you should watch the old animated movie and series too.

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Certainly, I'll watch the infamous animation soon. What is the series however?

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It's an old school british/Canadian series, I remember it from tv. used to be my favourite show as a kid. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dqp-7Cb4Low

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I can remember an entire school camp watching that one night.

Problem is tho...

It was forced on us to make us feel bad dat da poor widdle bunny wabbits was all sick and dah bad farmer is naughty for killing em.

Without telling the other side of the story that rabbits in australia are an introduced species and an utter fucking menace which is actually one of the biggest reasons why aussie farmers even have guns.

Back on track - Rats of Nimh?

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Redwall is a good series as well

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Thanks, I'll check it out.

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It's an incredible book and actually quite timely considering the way global politics are going. Now find the animated film; it's quite near impossible to understand if you haven't read the book but since you have, you will probably really enjoy it. Too, find Adam's book The Plague Dogs. That is another incredible book. The animated film of that one is awful. A decent animation but way off the book.

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I’ve seen in AMAs/interviews that the author had no political meaning in writing the book, and found funny what people interpret the burrows as.

I’m hoping to read The Plague Dogs soon. Gotta finish some other books I started first. (Lolita, Atlas Shrugged, Dust Tracks on a Road, 120 Days of Sodom, and Brothers Karamazov... don’t understand why I never stick to one book, but always have multiple at once.)

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And, another mind destroyed.

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Did you not like the book?