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Communists always want to re-write history that "offends" them."

Also helps to explain why they keep trying to push it on everyone else. The inevitable 100% failure rate is "offensive", so they just erase it from their memories, doomed to repeat the same mistakes ad nauseum. "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results." Fits these retards perfectly.

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Just keep up the good fight and we keep them at bay

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Retroactively dismissing the works of people in the past because they had different views on race and gender is one of the stupidest fucking things. Culture was different. Of course they had different views.

The world didn't just snap into existence when you were born. You have to respect history, even if you don't agree with historical views.

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I don't disagree. I was just trying to keep my comment as politically neutral as possible

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Librarians today are trained to keep the "wrong" books out of.your hands.

WTF is wrong with librarians?

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Librarians are usually middle aged feminist women.

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What is wrong with folks?

Do not trust a damn person.

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And understand the Jew is the enemy.

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It's tragic yet this is what the left has convinced millennials this is what they want. They will reap a bitter harvest of revisionist history where lies will be truths. Best bet- get to a used book store and buy copies of Wilder's books before they are rewritten. Don't purchase any kindle shite either! "Ignorance is strength"

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Yes, well said, no kindle shite.

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Aren't the books copyrighted? If not, can't people preserve and disseminate the originals?

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Isn't the book "Night" by Elie Wiesel required reading for middle schoolers? Didn't the original book talk about jews raping german girls after the war as payback?

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I've read that book twice (never as a student) and don't recall that. Not to say it didn't happen...

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I read it in 7th grade as required reading and it doesn't say that. The first edition does though. And if LIW is being punished for being un PC ... Seems like some consistency's in order.

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The Jew does not like this.

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The librarian's should be dismissed.

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