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Good book. At times it's repetitive as he recounts similar stories that expose the (((world banking cabal))) at work but still a recommended read for the red pilled.

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An eye opener for me. Also The Secret History of the American Empire by the same John Perkins is awesome

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Here's an interview with the author: http://lionsofliberty.com/2018/01/08/roar-economic-hitman/

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Ill buy one with my cuck bucks tomorrow (canadian currency)

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I was just reading how China is planning a railroad through a few different countries.

The countries are much poorer.

They give the country a loan at 2.3% or some such low number so they say yes.

Once they say yes and China starts construxtion, they artificially inflate the price of the completed project.

This forces the country into more debt.

The country that agrees to this stays in hoping that the project will generate enough money to keep up with payments.

It doesn't. By design.

China then goes back and gives them an option to have the loan forgiven!


China gets to retain ownership and control of said project on said grounds.

This happened when China built a port for another smaller country and made this offer. Today they retain ownership and control.

Sorry for the lack of detail, I was listening to something at work so it wasn't registering one hundred percent.

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I have this book and have lent it out (its lent out right now)

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The the stages are first the economists, then the Jackals, then the military.

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Economic Statist Hitman

These central planners couldn't do shit if they had to use their own money, or money others voluntarily allowed them to direct.

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I think the whole structure he lays out is literally how the CIA funds itself, or rather the way US intel colludes and uses private corporations to take over or overthrow countries and economies. He’s very careful not to directly point a finger at the CIA directly, but there is no chance private corporations would be allowed to run direct scams for the IMF and World Bank like that without a major military arm concenting to it at the very least. Another book on exactly how the CIA runs it own private corporations and even political candidates completely secret from even the POTUS and National security council is “The Secret Team” by Fletcher Proudy, the real life CIA insider Oliver Stone put in the end scene of JFK on the park bench with Kevin Cosner. Not to different from how the Pentagon ran a DARPA program called LifeLog that it shut down the day before FaceBook started.

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CIA has a lot of shell companies. Even a University.

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