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Mencken was a Germanophile and never really understood Nazism. He had been virtually silenced during the First World War when a ferocious anti-German feeling spread throughout the nation, and that may have blinded him to the brutal ugliness of Nazism when it emerged in the 1930s.

Or, maybe Mencken had a realistic view of the Nazis that seven decades of rabid, anti-Nazi propaganda have made impossible for the writer of this article to comprehend.


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I had picked up a bio of H.L. Mencken titled The Skeptic, authored by Terry Teachout.

I must confess that I had HEARD of him (from a Bio of Coolidge by William Allen White - A Purtian in Babylon I believe), but didn't know anything about him.

The Skeptic was a quick read and provided some background on an important voice in America in the 20th century.