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Like all left-wing anti white agendas, this suddenly gained traction seemingly out of nowhere. A few months ago a “best-seller” just popped up with an innocent sounding title that was nothing more than a character assassination. Then recently a book award named after her dropped her name on a whim.

The Jew machinations to subvert white culture are always in motion in every facet of life. You may not notice little things like this because they’re always distracting us with their Stormy Daniels and their poor children on the border, but this is the shit they do in the background, and it really shows how deep this culture war goes.


[–] adaya 0 points 1 points (+1|-0) ago 

Stay the f’ off my prairie! I’m rebuying these books right now!!! Feel like I might have to plaster a contraband set in the wall for future generations.


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Melissa GIlbert was a raging Democrat :)