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What people seem to forget the Laura Ingalls Wilder lived at the time of tremendous Indian (Native American) unrest on the frontier. There was a lot of raiding and bloodshed committed on both sides. Both side tended to denigrate each other with what would be today hate speech. Since little house on the Prairie was written at this time to be true to the environment she would have to include this kind of language.

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Are Natives calling for the removal of praise for L.I.W. ? Or just white women? Sounding like over-compensating white guilt to me. Might be biased. I grew up watching the t.v. show & my Grandmother gave me the books. Grandma was Hawaiian and Portuguese. She grew up on a farm in Maui. Experienced hostility & exclusion b/c not full blood Hawaiian. Mrs. Wilder meant so much to her. Think if she were alive, I’d skip the internalized racism-sorry, can’t let you think for yourself- thing... just seems super dis-respectful to her actual life. Also, I’m not Joseph Stalin re-incarnated.

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Like all left-wing anti white agendas, this suddenly gained traction seemingly out of nowhere. A few months ago a “best-seller” just popped up with an innocent sounding title that was nothing more than a character assassination. Then recently a book award named after her dropped her name on a whim.

The Jew machinations to subvert white culture are always in motion in every facet of life. You may not notice little things like this because they’re always distracting us with their Stormy Daniels and their poor children on the border, but this is the shit they do in the background, and it really shows how deep this culture war goes.

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Stay the f’ off my prairie! I’m rebuying these books right now!!! Feel like I might have to plaster a contraband set in the wall for future generations.

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Melissa GIlbert was a raging Democrat :)

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I think its funny someone tried to make beige wearing boring cunts into a new kind of superhero

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“This decision was made in consideration of the fact that Wilder’s legacy, as represented by her body of work, includes expressions of stereotypical attitudes,”

It's not even wrong. The attitudes are stereotypical, and because they're appropriate and correct. Stereotypical doesn't invalidate something.

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It's almost as Progressives lie casually whenever it suits their interests.

In a similar vein, Robert E. Lee did not approve of slavery. When he inherited slaves, he manumitted them.

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These people literally hate God.

Is their dislike for someone much lower ever a shock?

The shock would be their praise (and a massive red flag)

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These people literally hate God.

Do they hate Allah? How about Zeus? Ishtar? None of those exist either.

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They've been taught that 'viewing people as individuals who should be judged for their own actions rather than as totems guilty of the worst of their group' isn't enough. Rather that whites, the dominant socio-economic group, not the race because there is no such thing, of course, bear a historical burden of guilt. Anything else is racism.

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All this inclusiveness bullshit, must stem from getting participation trophies. I'm a gen Xer and I can't remember inclusiveness being a thing when I was growing up. It's not a thing to me now. When did it become a thing

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