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He sued James Cameron over Terminator claiming Cameron has plagiarized him. Fuck this guy.

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Note that badweather means that Ellison is both an actual jew, and acting like a jew.

"Ellison was born to a Jewish family..."

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Crap. At least we still have Jerry Pournelle. Oh. Crap. At least we still have Terry Pratchett. Oh. Crap.

Larry Niven you better live forever! Take some boosterspice or something!

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Sad. It makes my beer taste more dull ATM. He said "Pay the writer"

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https://archive.fo/VdRPn :

Science fiction writer Harlan Ellison dies aged 84 | Culture | The Guardian

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He was nothing special but RIP anyway.

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The guy was one the worst copyright trolls to ever exist. He ruined many other writers careers with that shit, and then had the nerve to be all kinds of preachy about it. I liked some of his stuff before I found out about him, but not any more. Who knows how many good sci-fi movies we would have had except they didn't make them because they didn't want to pay the "Ellison" tax. He even sued people who had preemptively paid him. He was only all about the shekels.

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ohh.... but science fiction are LOVE

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I like "A Boy And His Dog". The lead character uses his dog to smell out women that he can rape. It influenced the original "Fall Out" games. https://hooktube.com/watch?v=CyFC_rFobX8

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