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I'm currently reading Mutiny on the Bounty - great book. When I'm done with that I plan on finishing Men at War by Ernest Hemingway

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If you enjoy historical fiction try any of Jeff Shaara's books. They are amazing. U.S Grant's autobiography is a wonderful read believe it or not; any Charles Dickens or Mark Twain. The Mote in God's Eye by Niven and Pournell is one of the greatest sci-fi novels I've ever read; too, Niven's Ringworld is fantastic.

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Since I'm a soy-boy nigger faggot, I'm reading Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen.

Her heroine, Catherine Moreland, is young and socially awkward. She goes to Bath, pump rooms, balls, theater, and has difficulty making friends, knowing what to say, fitting in, etc.

Austen catches the agony of social awkwardness perfectly. It reminded me of 40 years ago, when I went to University and, err, how can I put this,..., was not a social success. So several times I've had to put the book down because I was cringing so hard. Catherine, I know just how you feel, I can still remember after all these years :-(

Just a couple of chapters to go, something might actually happen, though probably not.

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I was on vacation for a couple weeks. I read Frankenstein by Mary Shelley and it was breathtaking from start to finish...I couldn't put it down! The wording is a bit flowery but that's to be expected from a novel of that era. Then I read Fahrenheit 451 in a few hours - another page-turner. If you've never read it, read it! It made me question some of my habits where entertainment and technology are concerned. Then I started 1984. I've almost finished it and holy shitballs it's a must-read. I read Animal Farm last year and it was also excellent, and sounded eerily familiar to the Marxist elements in today's society. I've been slowly working my way through the Game of Thrones novels, and as cliche and hipster-douchey as it sounds, they are way better than the show.

If you like non-fiction then I would highly recommend With The Old Breed and China Marine by E.B. Sledge. He was a marine in the Pacific theater during WWII and these books are his account of the war. With The Old Breed is especially haunting to read. It's the kind of book that made me feel like I had changed somehow in reading it. Don't Sleep, There Are Snakes by Daniel L. Everett is another fascinating book - it's about a very primitive tribe of people, the Piraha, who live in the Amazon. They don't even have words for numbers in their language...crazy. He went there as a missionary and ended up losing his faith, and then losing his wife and community. The book isn't so much about that as it is about the Piraha and their bizarre language and the way they live.

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You've done some fantastic reads! I'll try and find a copy of The Old Breed- sounds amazing.

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Judging by your username, so have you...that's one I haven't read yet! The Old Breed is fantastic. I hope you find a copy! After that, if you haven't seen The Pacific, you need to watch it.

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good books all. Sadly I've already read all these except "Don't Sleep, There Are Snakes", which I will now add to my book list

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Most anything by Robert Sheckley, written before 1970. After that he started losing his mind from too many psychedelics.

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Leon Uris, Battle Cry.

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Thanks, I'll add it to the list. BTW, because of your other posts, I'm picking up a bass guitar again. Look forward to seeing more

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Don't forget to stop in and share your progress, stories, and music with us in the weekly guitar thread!

It's really open to all musicians, but we host it in v/Guitar. It's pretty popular!

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The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield.