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Two chapters in and it has so far described a horror world that has lost all humanity.

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Yup it's really fucked up and hilarious that England right now is a combination of that book and 1984

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This is one of the most commendable books I have read so far.

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Interesting and relevant: https://youtu.be/nlEaZ7UsqwI

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Brave New World is a good read, it really changes up half way through. Not sure I agree with all the points the author brings up, but it's wonderfully written nonetheless.

The idea of Soma and "a gramme is better than a damn" I still find incredibly relevant and prophetic.

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So glad for you! It is an amazing and beautifully written book that dovetails nicely with 1984...of course most dystopian novels dovetail nicely with Orwell... The indoctrinations are exactly what we deal with through the media every day. "64,000 repetitions make one truth".