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Just a reminder that everyone in that town had their home mortgage payed off on the same Christmas ... this is especially weird since banks are normally closed on Christmas.

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That one speaks the truth. I saw the website and looked up homes in that area. About every third or fourth home I looked up had the same mortgage payoff date. Then all of a sudden you couldn't access that information anymore.

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Where is the security cam footage of the psycho walking into the front door, or rather blasting through the front door. One (1) frame, please.

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Check out Wolfgang Halbig.

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Nonsense. Banks always open for Christmas just to process certain mortgages. Nothing to see here, move along citizen.

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The school was closed in 2008.

I also have doubts that Adam Lanza actually existed.

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Came here to say this. THere's also the crisis actors who show up at half a dozen other "shootings".

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Yes and still the sheeple think these events are real. They are ALL staged.

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Thousands of crazy little things that don't add up with Sandy Hook. 100% a false flag. One thing I found interesting was that the kids who were supposed to have died showed up at the super bowl a couple months later to sing at the half time show. Some of the kids even showed up with president Obama.

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4chan archive. autism .... never fuck with it.

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Google search the sandy hook kids that died. Google search "sandy hook kids with obama".

I used to have a video, which was a mirror, that showed the sandy hook kids at the super bowl, identified each one of them, their pictures and names. I just checked my old youtube channel for the video, it was deleted. But not any of the others. I checked youtube for a mirror of the video, seems to be gone. Youtube and google "sandy hook kids superbowl"

Found one: https://vimeo.com/249317852

It's kinda something you have to immerse yourself in, I spent hundreds of hours at one point researching, I used to know who all the kids were that supposedly died, and then when one showed up in another news story, it would pop out at you instantly. One of the kids died in Syria or Palestine as well.

Alas, Sandy Hook is not something I really deal with anymore. Not so much pizzagate either. Mostly global politics, demographics, race, and Jews.

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Have you ever noticed sandy hook is basically forgotten? It’s never brought up by the media

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Shock and Awe. Past that nobody talks about 100 kids dying (even assume they actually died) Vs. The other 99.87% of children that are still alive..... and then comparing that to attempting to disarm 450 million people of a literal Right for now and in the future ? Over 0.13 spike in child "deaths" ?

And isn't it funny open borders was being pushed hard and now it has died out / down as EUR is facing crime spikes and political shifts in power displayed over the internet.

DNC is getting Obama to tell illegals to vote, also dead people voting, and Vans of people being herded like cattle polling to polling station. . . Imagine if they (DNC) got the Migrant swarm behind them like in EUR...

Now look to Califonia trying to split into 2 different states. Looking at the the lower west bank as "New California" and the rest Old California .... It is literally a beach head. . . Like Storming Normandy but with illegals and "migrants" and no machine gun nests. Also adding more seats to the House and Senate and adding more Welfare. . . It is almost if California is trying to sink the entire country...

Sorry for the long post, TLDR ; Shock and awe. Now sleep.

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I only see it when someone is trying to discredit Alex Jones. I think most shootings aren't really brought up even a month after though in general.

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Yep. People had their homes paid off as well.

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We have people suing the government for MK Ultra as i speak and the FBI/CIA visited Adam Lanza before the shooting. And Vermont just banned semi auto rifles and more state are following suit but you just fucking sit there and let them rape the second amendment and violating your second amendment instead of doing what needs to be done to your leaders who are destroying your liberty.

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We're all too scared, or too feeling powerless to put the second amendment to its proper use. Hopefully that changes.

Vermont banning semi auto rifles is laughably bad and needs to be met swiftly with overwhelming violence to the traitors responsible.

But I doubt anything at all will happen and the cucks will just hand over their rifles like good little sheep.

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Barry Soetoro Esq. got shoah'd from YT and all social platforms around the time of the presidential election. His main point was that sandy hook was a hoax, the fake sniper that was also a victims father was used for political gain, windows were broken and the whole scene was staged. It was an exercise that was passed off as a disaster. The fucking school was demolished since then, and they are trying to erase the memory of the entire incident because they really fucked up making it seem real.

In case someone is actually interested in the YT video that was taken down, he moved all of it to steemit on this page: Here

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Damn, I didn't know any of that. And I'm a ct resident. Basically, no one talks about it and I'm a bad person if I bring the whole thing up.

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Barry Soetero can no longer use the title “Esq.” as he surrendered his law license.

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Well, it was a major fail ... most people still got unregistered ARs/AKs

And now have learned how to make ARs/AKs ...

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Voat is the only place on the internet where I really, truly, cannot tell who is trolling. I love it.

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It's almost like you have to turn to yourself and develop discernment and do your own research.

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