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If anyone else wants to read this book, skip the wait for customs: http://gen.lib.rus.ec/book/index.php?md5=29E505C83F5B72CF3B2A5E8C2E13D652

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Nice 1

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Oh, I see that confirmed muslim CheeseboogerGhost is absent here.

Just like how he is absent in all muslim threads.

He probably wanted to "oy vey gas Tommy Robinson kike" but he knows he's not in the echo chamber this time.

Fucking uber driver picking his battles I see.

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Report back as you go along please.

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I dont think its a long book. I will give a summary when Im finished. I think most of you will already know the gist of it.

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How much does the real Koran go for? I'm out of toilet paper.

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get one for free at your local mosque. islamic street preachers will give em away for free too. you can read the quran online too.

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As much as I like paper books, I have not been able to bring myself to buy one. On one hand it would be perfect for the library and study, on the other hand I dont want to give my money to the people that produce them.

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Shouldn't some places give them out free like bibles? Might be worth a try.

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Damn... hopefully it's an interesting read but this thread seems divided on Tommy Robinson. It's interesting how many of the main figure heads in groups whether it be of the right or left leaning politics are Jews.

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It has been a common tactic in the last few months for popular hate advocates on this site to attack allies based on this point. Essentially, anyone who is actually trying to fix the system from inside Israel control, IE, the west. So you can easily tell who is against you when these things are said.

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Virtue signalling and purity spirals on the right. Doesn't matter if the information is useful or correct, if they don't like the source the information is clearly useless. Might as well burn that book now.

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It's not bound in pigskin?

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Make it tasty and edible? No thanks.

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TLDR; Muhammad spread Islam in part by having those who opposed him killed.

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There is more to it than just that. You need to ask yourself why so many muslims think muhhamad is also a bringer of peace. There is a lot of history and change that needs to be considered. muhhamad at first couldnt get anyone to follow him. Then he told them that you will get outrageous rewards in heaven. Then he said kill every one. Many people seem to think that the middle part is the truth and many people fall for that trap. Ignorance destroys every one regardless of where they come from or live. Muslims are no different to the west.

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I bought the kindle version way back when. Worth every penny.

Do you know how hard it is to get a Koran with the abrogated verses highlighted. I think this is the first real version.

There was an older version by JM Rodwell which had the verses sorted chronologically but lately the new editions of rodwell are also screwed up. The muzzies must have armtwisted the publishers.

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I think this was mentioned in the book. I only read about 15 pages last night.

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Do you know what Good is? Do you know what Evil is? Do you know that other's DO NOT know these things? Do you know that these people SHOULD be segregated from the GOOD people for eternity? Do you know that people that live at the EXPENSE of others prey on GOOD people?

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Free will has a prerequisite. Sin. Animals are pure sin. They have no free will. If man is half sin, what is the other half? Sin as defined by the christian god is all evil. Sin defined by man, is whatever he wants it to be.

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