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Your ebooks aren't yours. Can your sell them? Can you pass them on to your children when you die? Can you lend them to a friend to read?

No on all counts. So they aren't yours.

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They're all mine. Backed up the device and, should any of my books "disappear" due to an "update" then I just plug in, slap that bitch back on and continue reading. Seriously, people, hack your shit. It's worth it.

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My ebooks are mine. I specifically made it a point to make sure my ebook reader didn't have bullshit DRM restrictions. I got the Kobo Aura (it also has an SD-card slot). I only get DRM-free books. Amazon and all the DRM faggots can go fuck themselves.

This site and torrents cover almost everything, if you can't find a legit store with a DRM-free version of a book you want. Search engines are often good at finding books, just search "book name epub".

Calibre is a good ebook manager. It can convert between formats and there are extensions for it that can remove DRM, if you ever make the mistake of buying a shitty ebook.

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That's why I went back to buying books from a store or website.

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All my ebooks are mine. Either they've been downloaded from libre sites. Or I've libre-ated them.

Apprentice Alf + Calibre are your friends.