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These are just horror authors.

It's insane that Stephen King is number one. I doubt even he would agree with that.

HP Lovecraft should take the spot. He has no business being fucking ninth.

The author is a retard for her racist bullshit and there's no way Anne Rice is that respected. She writes horror romance a little better than Twilight. I used to love her years ago but most of what she writes is complete fucking garbage.

Clive Barker is way better than King. He should be #2 behind Lovercraft.

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Lovecraft, Arthur Machen, hell, even Christopher Buehlmann beats the fuck out of Anne fucking Rice. Algernon Blackwood, Thomas goddamn Ligotti completely ignored. When I saw Anne Rice, Twilight 1.0, I had to share. :D

Any list that skips Robert Bloch can fuck right off.

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But I am going to point out that the majority of the authors on this list are male, and every person on this list is white ...

I'm going to point out that you are a libtard, virtue-signaling, piece of shit.

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Its incredible how much poison has seeped into everything. :/

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When I read shit like that I immediately stop reading or listening. I doubt I'm the only one. These people will have to get used to people leaving in the middle of conversations. Everyone's getting tired of this shit.

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Of all time? Apelius, Cervantes, Aretino, Rabelais, Iris Murdoch, and my favourite, Anonymous.

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Anne Rice