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This is pretty awesome!

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I'm glad that you found it interesting.

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Recommend reading this http://www.survivorlibrary.com/10-static/164-the-library-level-of-technology or just pick an interesting looking category and see if the books there are worth reading.

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Thanks for the share, the free propagation of information plucks my heart-strings.

Friend from the bar was looking for this type of resource we discussed the other day, he was wondering about something as basic as printing a book, how simple it was in the olden days. Many thanks

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Great find OP

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I want some early psychology books that talk about the mental disorders that are considered great life choices now.. aka homosexuality, transgender, bi polar or what ever they call being liberal is now because there had to be some way of defining liberalism as a mental disorder...

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This is some akashic records tier shit my man. Good find. Bookmarked on phone and compooper.

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Looks like an excellent resource.

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Excellent Book.

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I have a habit of collecting any books of a practical nature from this time period. So much cool stuff to be found in there. Thanks for the awesome shortcut to all such things.

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