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Have you noticed that women have tacken over the publishing industry?

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I'd also encourage the OP to consider that times have changed. We consume media differently, and the demand curve has changed. Not only are the demands for written media different today than they were a century or two ago, the popular media of today has changed the way people consume media altogether. Not only that its changed how we express ourselves.

It used to be - prior to television and even radio - that written media was the bees knees. There weren't as many options. Today we have myriad audio formats and video for consuming art and literature.

If there were as high a demand for writing today, there would probably be genius writers (at least more of them I mean). But people are applying themselves to a substantially broader array of creative outlets now.

Besides that, publishing companies (by and large) have been taken over by the same feminist forces that have infiltrated the university system and big tech. I mean, it makes sense doesn't it? These forces attack the outlets of information: news, academia, publishing.

Those feminist forces are passing over male talent/work in favor of women. The male viewpoint/perspective is getting a kick in the ass because its privileged, especially if its white. The meritocracy is the natural enemy of the Marxist Left, and given the genius writers of history have always been men, nowhere more than in writing will the pressure to destroy the outliers (the exceptionals) be stronger.

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Blame it on sjw feminist culture. Good writers don't get published these days because they are not politically correct.

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There is some truth in this -- writers are greatly restricted in what they can say and still be published by major publishers.

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You want good writer?

Try non-english writing made in politically incorrect countries.

It's always a good idea to learn some other languages, because English speaking countries have mostly fallen to the globalists.

Also not trying to be pessimist, but some people are preparing for the worst (future post-white genocide). For example, Jim Rogers, some rich Ron Paul supporter. Heck, even Trump's grandkids are learning Chinese too, preparing for the eventual China becoming world superpower. Heck, even nigletsare doing it too.

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The thing is, the great writers of the past survive, and the shit writers of their period, who sold a lot of books and got a lot of attention at the time, are forgotten. Meanwhile, in our own day the second-rate commercial writers are getting a lot of attention, so we notice them. That doesn't mean there are no great intellectuals creating new and interesting works that will live for centuries. A hundred years from now, people will be paying attention to the great writers of our period -- writers we may not even be aware of -- and the Koontz's and King's will be largely forgotten.

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King is a fucking hack, only women read Koontz.

That ship sailed 100 years ago. When the commies started infiltrating.

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Pynchon is still kicking last I heard and I'd also invite yall to check out Gene Wolfe. Your right in that true literature is much less popular now but I'd posite that the masses are generally getting dumber

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Never liked Pynchon. in fact, I thought his work was likely superficial with the esotericism and jargon as a cover.

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I'd tend to agree. Just an example of a contemporary "literary" writer who still actually writes. Though I wouldn't say his recent stuff is anything worth reading. Still I'd take him any day of the week next to any genre fiction dross

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Dave Eggers and David Foster Wallace

Granted, Wallace offed himself but he is a pretty recent writer. Eggers seems like a major beta too.

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Intellectual here, I just dont have energy since the jew doctors put me on meds.

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I was under the impression that that happened about 90 years ago, already.

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