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i remember liking at the time, but its been awhile. he had to step away from what he was born into, turn his back on the spiritual path that came easy as a child, and experience baser elements, the comfort and discomfort of everyday man, to achieve enlightenment.

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Siddhartha was purposefully written to be absurdly simple. It's meant to be read by young men who don't know what path to choose in life. If you know your path it doesn't offer much.

Try Magister Ludi/Glass Bead Game for a challenge and more philosophical meat.

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I would have eventually done some background reading on Hesse and the book. But it makes it a lot better if he intended it to be so simple and straightforward. I could see that if I read this a long time ago, with no introduction to the ideas as I said in OP, that I probably would have gotten a lot more out of it.

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Read it a long time ago, found it a little boring actually.

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I agree. I probably only finished because or it's reputation and that it's quite short so I knew I wasn't going to have to go on much longer.

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I believe the author said "It isn't for everybody" Count me in that number.