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Well a few things. The publishing industry is owned by only a handful of corporations who have bought up most the names. It is saturated with women and pc culture. Amazon allows you to self publish and takes way less of a percentage.

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That’s what I was worried about.

I’m thinking you’re probably right, and maybe even eventually start my own publishing company.

I’m constantly telling my fiancée, if Trudeau is offering up $1.4 billion to help women entrepreneurs, maybe we can use that money to start a family business, and why not publishing.


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All writers are looking for a publisher all the time. The question arises, is any publisher looking for you? If you are concerned about avoiding political correctness, forget mainstream publishers -- they won't touch anything even mildly "incorrect." They are like a bunch of fussy old maids in the 1890s worried that someone will show a bare ankle. They are way beyond censorious -- they are medieval. You'd think at least a few of them would want to go against the liberal, leftist, multicultural, globalist, communist grain, but they don't. None of them. So you will have to find a small publisher who thinks out of the box if your writings are politically incorrect, and you will be paid next to nothing. Good luck.

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You might find this helpful: https://tomwoods.com/interested-in-publishing-here-are-my-experiences/

Baen Books is often mentioned as a publisher for conservative or libertarian sci-fi authors. http://www.reaxxion.com/7182/how-sjws-took-over-science-fiction-and-how-theyre-losing-control

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Thanks, Tom Woods had an awesome, and I mean awesome, video. Thanks for sharing. I’m definitely very motivated right now.

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You're probably going to want to self publish. If you're any good, they'll find you.

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If you build it, they will come.

Maybe I should be bold and figure it all out and go forward.

It’s not like I can’t find some money to advertise it by sponsoring some YouTube videos.

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Amazon self publishing