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Something nice like this can only exist in pure white societies, some nigger will come and burn it down and vandalize it sooner or later.

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Its books man. Niggers wont go near it.

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Or Japanese thanks to their strong racial cohesion as well; they have enough social trust to put misc. vending machines everywhere, and they're rarely vandalised! Le shock

My guess is it's in some collector's backyard though, as it's likely still around Britain, unless there are still a few small bastions of freedom on the isles that would allow this to stay unharmed in a relatively public place.

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More like Hobo's using it as a toilet.

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Until a nigger takes a pisa in it

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i could see a few sleeping in it

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inb4 niggers use the paper to start an oil drum fire.

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We have one of those in my home village, too. However, I have the nasty feeling that people primarily use it to dispose of books they no longer read - whereas no-one actually borrows books from the booth.

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None of them here, but we got a small take a book, leave a book shelf in the library entrence. Good place to put some books other people might still appreciate. More takers than leavers I suppose since it is never that full. I have taken four books and left one. I should read the books I have taken...

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Does it have it's free library license though?

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Oi mate you got a permit for that license?

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Might not get any licences or permits, since it is full of right wing literature. Quick glance and there are Tom Clancy and John McCain books.

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Oversley green , warks

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I give it a month before some niggers piss in it. "Why's dem wyte peepol be all readin dem books n short.fug day burn fat hoe ayyyyye boi"

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