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Glen Cook's Black Company for a war themed fantasy series. He also has a series called Garrett, P.I., where magic exists, but it is a nice low magic setting for the most part.

If you like humor/liught books, Piers ANthony's Xanth series will crack a chuckle, but may be a bit juvenile for you.

Questing sucks! is the funniest fantasy book I have ever read, and one of the funniest I have read, period, in a looooong time. If that's yoru thing, Robert Aspirin's Myth series is a good one.

If you like mixtures of magic in today's modern world, Jim Butcher's series with Harry Dresden, Wizard for Hire (Dresden files, maybe?) is good. As is Piers Anthony's Incarnations of Immortality series.

Another user mentioned Elric - he also had a series called Corum that was good and ties along the heroes style he had.

The Dragonlance series by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman was a classic to me, set in a Dungeons and Dragons world. In a similar setting, Ed Greenwood wrote a series about Elminster, and Bob Salvatore wrote 2 series, one on the drow Drizzt Do'Urden, and another on Cadderly the cleric.

Finally, the author who finished the WoT series was Brandon Sanderson, and his Mistborn and Stormlight series were good reads. Some friends of mine swear by him.

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Good write up, I'm only gonna comment on the books I know;

Glen Cook's Black Company

This was a good series all the way through to the end. I was just thinking about this earlier today. It's not amazing literature and parts of it were soft, but dammit the man writes engaging characters and has them do interesting things, and that carried the series for me.

Garrett, P.I

First novel was good but it didn't bring me back for more. I still don't know why. I guess the story was just kind of boring.

As is Piers Anthony's Incarnations of Immortality series.

This series had its moments but might be geared more towards a young adult audience. PA just doesn't write deep stories.

Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman

I have not read their dragonlance novels but I adore all seven books in the Deaths Gate cycle. That was a solid series. It starts soft, but once it hits stride it manages to keep everything moving right up until the end. THIS was a story written with an outline. This was a planned out world, from the start. Everything fit together across seven novels in a way that delighted me. For example, first two books had one of the main characters grappling with a mystery; what happened to everyone else of his race, why did they all mysteriously die, unexplained until book three, and when the answer becomes obvious it's a real brick to the noggin

WoT series

People new to the wheel of time series should not start with the prequel. It sucks.

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I fell in lobe with Cook on the first trilogy of the Black Company and Croaker. suffered through the next 4 books to finish it.

PA - yeah, his stuff was the Twilight of the 70's. But it still has it's points, but not worh the effort, IMO. Aspirin's Myth, though is killer still.

Weis and Hickman - never got into the Death Gate stuff. Maybe Book 1 only? I forget. Like with Butcher's Codex series, I was so into the Dresden stuff, I didn't like. But on it's own, it is excellent.

WoT - Story was ready to climax at book 4, dragged it on for 8 more books. Never finished it,

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Hey buddy I've seen you making rational comments in other subs and I wanted to say I really apperciate that. Lol.

Also thank you for the huge and in depth write up its very much appreciated

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Kek. Thanks, I guess?

Voat is what you make it. Discuss rationally, talk through things. Address the trolls with something other than "niggerfaggot" or "kikelover" or "yer dumn", and you often get amazing results. If not, so what?

This place is amazing to hear different ideas and to say what you want. You will be called out on your bullshit or if you are logically fallacious.

I read a LOT. Usually history, because I run through a fantasy/scifi book in less than 2 days usually, so I can't afford anything else. I buy hardback only for non-fiction, and have a pretty killer library at home - well over 1000 books. I read the fantasy stuff electronically now, just due to cost.

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Julian May : The Saga of the Exiles . Stephen Donaldson: Chronicles of Thomas Covenant. Raymond E Feist : Magician series.

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I'm adding everything to my reading list, so all suggestions are appreciated.

I'm extremely excited to get into a new genre, haha.

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I too would recommend Raymond E Feist.

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The high tech is definitely interesting.

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Sword of Truth series.

TBH, I haven't even finished it all.

Then, of course, there's the Amber... Trilogy? Chronicles? Something. I'll find that out for definite, later. Right now though, gotta run!

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Well thank you! I'll definitely add Sword of Truth to my reading list then.

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Forewarned, SoT is a long, weird, series. There will be moments you put the book down and ponder what just happened. Lol

The other one, Amber, is actually right around 10 'books' but they're small enough to be printed in one book that comes in at just about 1200 pages. That might actually be my favourite of the two, because it's a pretty incredibly well written story. Also probably because I can finish it in one book, lol

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If you have never read Gene Wolfe's The Book of the New Sun, do that immediately. It is split into four books: The Shadow of the Torturer, The Claw of the Conciliator, The Sword of the Lictor, and The Citadel of the Autarch.

The books are a blend of fantasy and science fiction, but not how you might think. I don't want to say much more than that... Gene Wolfe is one of the greatest fiction writers I have read from any genre. These books are literary treasures.

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Well I like scifi, so this will be an interesting read I'm sure. Thanks for the suggestion.

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I agree with that suggestion. These are the books other great authors praise, but are not widely read. They are really unlike any series I have ever read. Abandon any idea of predicting where the plot is going. When you get to the end, wait a bit, and when you are ready, re-read them. A lot of things scattered throughout the books take on new meaning from that perspective.

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Read Michael Moorcock's Elric series because of a youtuber going on a rant about it.

Effectively every single white haired, magic sword weilding anti-hero in a fantasy setting owes a lot to that series. It leans a bit too hard on the acid sometimes, but overall better then most. Hell, I would rate it as better then every series you listed apart from LotR.

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I'll definitely have to check that out then, thank you!

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Faffard and the Grey Mouser series, by Fritz Lieber. The first in the series is, "Ill met in Lankhmar".

Another very readable series, especially if you are younger, is "The Belgariad", by David Eddings.

There are also Terry Pratchett's Disk World novels, which are not really high fantasy, but often quite funny.

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Thanks! Ill check them out and thank you for taking the time to make me some suggestions.

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If you are in a bookshop, and start reading the second chapter of "Pawn of Prophecy", by David Eddings, you will probably want to read the entire chapter, and then the entire book. (The first chapter is less gripping, and sets the scene and background for the book.)

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Does Christopher Moore count? Hilarity rules!

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Anything goes! Thanks