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https://unvis.it/https://www.newstatesman.com/culture/books/2018/03/unmasked-subtle-bitchiness-andrew-lloyd-webber-s-500-page-memoir :

Unmasked: the subtle bitchiness of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s 500-page memoir

'When a musical gets out its library steps, it loses its soul; when it dresses people up as cats, it becomes musical theatre. '

'And from there it’s a short step, spiritually, to doilies and antimacassars, because while musicals high-kick, musical theatre sticks out its pinky. '

'I found myself pleasantly surprised by this book, but having said that, I’ll be swerving the next one. '

' Life’s too short to take a liking to people whose work you loathe, let alone to do it over the course of a three-volume memoir. '

'But it was dismay rather than lust that drove my actions; weighing in at a whopping 500 pages, the book is the size of the Bible. '

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