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Not just managers. Bad employees drive out good.

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Usually that is also a sign of bad management. Managers need to properly deal with bad employees so that does not happen.

I've had to clean up many situations where that does indeed take place. Usually the managers feel they will be short staffed if they fire or write up bad employees. They don't realize they are short staffed because it is the bad employees driving out any new hires that are actually worthwhile.

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When you throw a bad apple in a basket with good apples, they all go bad.

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I would say the #1 reason is $$$$. I can tolerate a bad manager if I'm making 250K, less likely to making <50K.

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I leave for money. I am not operating a charity.

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Absolutely agree. I don't care about the company and don't care about the other people in it. I work with them, but I am working for myself first and foremost. I take everything that is offered to me, such as trainings etc, and give only the minimum back to appear like a good employee. The day I find a better opportunity for myself I leave, just like my boss would let me go the day he doesn't like my face anymore.

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with script blocker on, this webpage doesn't display a damn thing. I'm not turning it off.

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I've already read some book

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Probably as the useless managers get their ideas from books on effective management.

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Everyone is always looking for a better job, sadly most never find it, because there no such thing as better jobs. There is jobs and better attitude.

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Here's 30 books managers will not read.

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I've already read some....

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