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It's far easier to edit History if in electronic format. Pesky old books and their archaic principles.

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Reading a book is either an escape from reality or a search for it. It looks like people are dropping the former to pursue the latter.

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Yep. Don't get me wrong, I love my ebook reader with the convenience, backlight, and lack of weight. But I always have to wonder what has been changed or what might be removed without even asking me or telling me. That doesn't happen to printed and bound copies in your house. NEVER sacrifice a physical copy for an electronic copy.

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Cryptographic hashes are your friends. Write them down if you have to.

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Thus the need for archives and archivists. Thank an archivist today!

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Let me introduce you to my friend MD5, and his friends SHA-1 and SHA-2.

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I've watched as my local library has shifted into a shitty Blockbuster. It's a shame.

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The Harold Washington Library in Chicago is nothing but a day shelter for homeless niggers, it is permeated by an intense monkey stench. Downlow niggers fuck in the stalls, whack off openly on the third floor computer station masturbatorium, and take sink baths. It is lost to anyone who wants to use it properly

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In nyc half the librarians are subsaharans, who are often clueless about anything, in a institution that proposes knowledge, destabilizing the whole system, in my observation perpetuates the library shitshow you describe.

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I basically it’s every building in Chicago

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That's not really surprising. Information distribution is becoming ever more electronic. Pretty much the only people who use the libraries around here at students studying at the college library and sometimes at the city library and homeless people using the computers for internet access at the city library. A few books come and go but it's definitely on the decline.

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Why the hell is a fagetty running around with kids? Stop stealing kids ya faggot!

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Study spaces generate foot traffic. Coffee shops revenue. Without these, the whole library may go under from lack of use and funds.

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Fahrenheit 451.

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On the internet, history can be re-written in realtime.

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I just watched it happen on wikipedia about 5 minutes ago. I can only assume this happens constantly.

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History is written by the victor.

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While liberalism is bad. Libraries are obsolete unless it’s for preservation.

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True. The problem is that all of it needs to be preserved, and regularly used or at least checked to make sure it's not deteriorating.

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