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On the GOT TV Show, the heroes die for different reasons. Usually related to budget.


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Ned Stark died because he thought honor and forthrightness could stop a knife in the back, and also because he thought he could tell a dangerous enemy to her face that he planned to attack her, and where, and how... and was then surprised when she shut his shit right down.

Daernys' brother died because he was an insufferable twat who thought that the Dothraki were going to play along with his delusion that they owed him some sort of respect because of which womb he fell out of on the far side of the world.

Stannis' younger brother died because he was an idiot who thought it would be a good idea to split the family forces in half prior to facing off against the Lannisters, and also for underestimating just how far his older brother would go to win.

Stannis dies because he took some really bad advice, and just kept doubling down on bad-advice-following right up until the end.

Arya's rival died because she was arrogant as all hell and completely underestimated Arya, and also because she never figured out that she was basically set up by her boss from the very beginning as Arya's final training hurdle.

Jon Snow dies because he thought his enemies would play by the rules, even when he was busy breaking every rule he could get his hands on, so he got stabbed 30 times.

Who died because of budget constraints?