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As fantastic as it is that more and more people talk about the lefts' hypocrisy, I cringe when conservatives pointing it out use the big lies about Hitler's Germany.

Thankfully it'll at least be easier for the truth to come out when the left is in recession again.

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I'd be interested in a critique of this from the third way. Articles and reviews about this book go on and on about comparing today with unpleasant tactics in Germany without even looking at what the communists of the time had done to instigate it. I suspect D'Souza simply accepts the left's own connotation of "facsism," which loses him the argument before it's begun.

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(((THEY))) write a book about ....

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found it for a few buck cheaper here: http://superstore.wnd.com/The-Big-Lie-Exposing-The-Nazi-Roots-of-the-American-Left-Hardcover and you're not supporting amazon.