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James Joyce is overrated.

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Seems that way. One shitty book doesn't mean I'd never read anything else he wrote. I just didn't like that one.

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Good for you anon. Think for yourself. I have maintained for quite awhile that most of the "classics" are total shit full of sophistry and are promoted for that very reason.

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So what you're say is you failed that classical literature test, again..............

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classical literature

I thought Joyce was a Post-Modern, not a Classicist?

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It gets lumped in or at least it was.

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Never took one. I just know how to read. I've read some great books, this one doesn't make the cut.

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I have read it, its a masterpiece imo. He wasn't Jewish and neither was the hero of the book. I can't blame you for not understanding it, its a difficult read, but two questions for you:

What was happening in chapter four?

What was Molly Bloom up to in the soliloquie at the end?
A clue, its nothing to do with faggotry at all, not in the slightest. It just that OP doesn't have a sense of humor.

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Bloom was Jewish but Joyce was an Irish Catholic. Chapter 4 was about what goes through Blooms mind while he is having a shite and Molly Bloom is either playing with herself or getting laid in the chapter. Chapter four is best read while having a shite imo, read about blooms thoughts about turds while thinking your own thoughts about your turds.

Maybe you could write a book about it? Call it "What a lot of Shite!!!"

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First of its not in chapters. It's in like weird sections. And section 4 is I believe the part with the newspaper. The end is the worst. One long run on sentence of a whores thoughts. Seemed like she was laying there pretending to be asleep. And yes bloom was a Jew, he even had the Talmud on his mantle. Modern art is garbage. This book was about 600 pages too long. Nothing profound at all. So it illustrates that people have weird thoughts, cool. Everyone knows that. What else? I fucking love the fact that if you hate a book some asshole has to accuse you of not reading it. Fuck you. I understood it. And it was pointless shit. You think it's a masterpiece probably because you went to college and paid to read it, and have it explained to you why it's so great. I picked that shit up at goodwill. I read it. I was hoping there would be something profound. There wasn't. The entire book is inner thoughts, and ffs a really long part about a dead dog on a beach! Wtf! I learned nothing I didn't already know, people are boring, they do boring things, they lie, cheat, and argue. And they think perverted things and imagine what they would do if their lives didn't fucking suck. Wow!

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Have you read Gravity's Rainbow?

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I can't blame you for not understanding it, its a difficult read

Hello fellow Rick & Morty fan.