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A lot of bestsellers aren't worth reading, but suitable for audio on long trips or while housepainting or other dull task, if the reader is good. I listened to Gone Girl and the train one, but neither sticks in my mind except that I was disgusted out loud by the final twist of GG, if it could be called that. More a tacked on tail, it was one incredible too far for me. Bleh. A waste even to have listened to.

Overall, after reading and writing book reviews (go over here for more) growing tired of males and females protagonist with their drinking/drug/mental illness/ adorable syndromes like Asbergers or autism, especially the portrayed as adorable syndromes, when the affliction, not the character, is the star.
They aren't character flaws, they are the character.

I prefer to see some stories about people who someone else is attempting to drive insane ( like "Gaslight") or about people fighting to keep their sanity in a mad world, like most of us.

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I'll tell you a secret. Pssst ... all the voices in a novel are the author's own voice. Lol, but I know what you mean. Sometimes, a writer concentrates so hard on telling his story correctly, he forgets to devote his energies to entering his characters and making them distinct individuals.