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If you don’t read, or read to your child, they will not read either.

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Beat them.

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Just ban screens. And read books to them. Why are people so dumb?

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Banning screens is stupid, but reading to them absolutely works. When parents read to their children every day, the children will start reading by themselves eventually (and often before they even get to school).

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Find publishers that aren't jewish.

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Take away everything else.

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With books worth reading.

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Don't force really hard books on them. For example when I was prepubescent our school assigned "War with the Newts" (make sense only because I am Czech and this art is important) and I didn't get it at all. It's sophisticated allegoric+satire+criticism of the Protectorate and Nazism, which were represented by creatures and monsters.. Hell I didn't get it at all and started to hate reading because all the dumb books (13 yo perspective who knew jack shit about WW2 even though we were devoured by Hitler) I had to read. Just watch them and try to guess what they might be interest in. I loved learning about technology so my parents kept buying me Encyclopedic stuff and I loved reading them (only bits I was interested in) until school broke me with hard books.

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You are in charge of them. That's the first step. So you make the rules, they can read or do nothing. But tyranny doesn't work well. You need to have family reading time where everyone reads or gets read to.

Children learn more from your actions than they will ever learn from your words.

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