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This is fucking chilling. Thank goodness these people are so extreme, they're eating themselves.

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What is truly infuriating is that the thought that they don't need to buy or read something that upsets them doesn't even cross their minds.

I say put a bullet in them and call it a day.

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The authors who ignore this shit will reap the profits. We've already seen the SJW cancer destroy the profitability of movies, games, shows, etc.

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The used to do exactly this in USSR. The result was that all the literature was extremely ideologically loaded. But it did not work the way it was intended to, because people developed tolerance to propaganda. Thus part of literature was totally ignored by the general public and piled up on shelves, occasionally bough out by government institutions, the more entertaining stuff was actually consumed, with the indoctrination part subconsciously filtered off and occasionally ridiculed.

It hurts to see the West going down the same road the USSR did.

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It's OK. Dhonielle Clayton says it isn't censorship and you should not say it is because she could lose a paycheck if you don't see it her way.

Publishing industry, NFL, Sears, Hollywood; the bolshevick flush is upon them.

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In the real world "Authentic" and "inoffensive" are mutually exclusive much of the time.

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Fuck censorship.

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Great. Like I needed something else to worry about. God damn it! Isn't writing a book stressful enough?

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The trick is to not give a fuck about the thought police. Are they gonna kill you? You're gonna die anyway. Might as well have some fun poking their buttons as much as you can.

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And this is the proper answer.

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Not stressful. Time consuming.

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Fuck the easily offended SJW "feels" snowflakes.

One of the biggest burden of the society.

My favorite is the typical ignorant college white libtard getting offended for the sake of some other race, nation, or religion only to be checkmated by PoCs for being wrong.

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