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Black Rednecks and White Liberals is full of interesting and often funny anecdotes. It's funnier than I ever expected. Basic Economics and Wealth, Poverty, and Politics also by Sowell are pretty good. Capitalism and Freedom by Milton Friedman is imho (and most people's) his most important work. Voat will probably freak out b/c I just recommended a black and jewish author. They do fit in nicely w/ the context of your list. The America We Deserve and The Art of the Deal are my two favorite Trump books. Since you've read Adios America by Ann Coulter I'd also check out "Mugged", I can't really recommend "In Trump We Trust" yet b/c I haven't read it but will sometime soon. I did read Milo's book Dangerous and wouldn't really recommend it. It's more serious than he generally is and if you've ever heard him talk for more than an hour you already know what it's about. It struck me as very poorly written.

If you just wanna check out something to read for pleasure and to kill time I'd recommend Richard Stark's Parker series of hard-boiled crime novels. As opposed to most of the hard boiled genre that follow a detective it follows a career criminal. It's a nom de plume Donald Westlake writes under. They're good for killing an afternoon. I could go on.