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reasons for a book to be banned include: information on the manufacture of explosives, weapons and/or drugs; material “written solely for the purpose of communicating information designed to achieve the breakdown of prisons through offender disruption”; graphic presentations of illegal acts “such as rape, incest, sex with a minor, bestiality, necrophilia or bondage”; and information on “how to avoid detection of criminal schemes”.

Not entirely unreasonable. Monty Python got banned because nudity.

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tfw Uncle Adolph is more family friendly than Monty Python

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That is USA for you, "Oh no, nudity! The horror!" But violence is perfectly ok.

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Life of Brian is still banned in a couple of UK counties for blasphemy.

Also has full frontal nudity. (Judith at the window when everyone shows up at Brians place) Depending on your point of view or how puritan you are it could kind of be seen as poking fun at the bible but if you actually watch it it is just as much an observation of complete retardneness then as it is now - "I want to have babies" "But Reg you havent got a womb!" etc

Holy Grail may have some titties in 'Brave Sir Robin's Peril' cant remember.

No one can be arsed sitting through Meaning of Life repeatedly so i can also maybe sympathise with wardens there. Could be used to send the guards to sleep.

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Banned in a county? What? Are you saying that you could get arrested carrying a copy of Life Of Brian through the checkpoint between Surrey and Kent or something?


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Does it even specify books containing nudity are banned? I just see rape, incest, and such. Nothing about normal, plain nudity

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Most likely there were too many arguments over the carrying capacity of African vs European swallows.

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The whites keep insisting the African swallows carry fuck all and the european swallows are genetically superior while the blacks keep insisting THEY WUZ BIRDZ

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Have you ever seen what happens in a texas prison when you try and stop 250 nazi lowriders acting out "Camelot"? Its almost as bad as when you just let them do it?

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Fuck it, Mein Kampf should be mandatory reading in prison.

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https://archive.fo/1AMBg :

Texas prisons ban The Color Purple and Monty Python – but Mein Kampf is fine | US news | The Guardian

'What is or is not permissible in Texas prisons is largely decided by mailroom staff, the newspaper found. '

'Books including The Color Purple, Freakonomics and Monty Python’s Big Red Book are banned in Texas state prisons – but Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf and two books by former Ku Klux Klan grand wizard David Duke are not. '

'The Dallas Morning News reported the choices made by the Texas department of criminal justice (TDCJ) on behalf of thousands of inmates. '

'The Color Purple was banned because author Alice Walker leads the reader to believe the main character is raped by her father. '

'There are 248,281 approved titles for the state’s nearly 150,000 inmates to read, the paper said, and 10,073 that are banned. '

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