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Um, sort of. In very broad strokes, yes. It's the progenitor of all 20th Century dystopias, or very likely it is (hard to nail it down for certain, but the circumstantial evidence is strong).

But while it's a very good read and does interesting things with language and how it is told (depends on the translation, and I don't read Russian), it has nothing like Orwell's insight into how language is corrupted in order to create thoughtcrimes.

You should also see if you can find a copy of Ira Levin's dystopia, This Perfect Day, his best book and possibly the only one that was never adapted into a film.

Christ, Marx, Wood and Wei
Led us to this perfect day.

Marx, Wood, Wei and Christ,
All but Wei were sacrificed.

Wood, Wei, Christ and Marx,
Gave us lovely schools and parks.

Wei, Christ, Marx and Wood,
Made us humble, made us good.


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Full English version is here: https://mises.org/library/we


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Thanks a lot.