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The traditional arguments of the Democrats concerning the state of the "black community" (which the Democrats are so eager to segregate from the greater mass of humankind) is that everything wrong is the fault of the white man.

Reality passed this argument by a couple of decades ago. It is no longer reasonable to maintain it. Numerous studies have shown that blacks have an average IQ of around 85, compared with the average white IQ of 100 or so. That alone explains why blacks live in dirty, poorly managed, crime-ridden communities when they freely congregate together and elect their own black leaders. There are undoubted other racial characteristics of the negro race that contribute to this squalor and crime, but they are more difficult to quantify and prove than lower intelligence, which has been demonstrated beyond any shadow of doubt.

Even if we didn't know that American blacks, as a racial group, are 15 IQ points below whites, all we would need to do in order to disprove the Democrat narrative is to look back through history. When have blacks ever created, or even maintained, a complex civilization anywhere in the world? The answer is, never. Of course, the liberals will rush to say "Zimbabwe" but what was Zimbabwe but a few piles of small, loose stones? Where are the black pyramids (no, the Egyptians were not black)? Where are the ancient black roads (the blacks never quite got around to independently inventing the wheel)? Where are the black aquaducts? The thriving harbors of ancient black civilizations? The great black cities, with their complex water and sewage systems? There aren't any.

That was then and this is now, right? OK, let's look around the world today. Where are the wealthy black nations? Where are the great, thriving black cities? Where are the world-class black universities? The black multinational corporations? There aren't any. Where black communities or institutions do even marginally well, they are run by whites, Jews, or Asians. Because blacks are not competent to run them.

The failure of American blacks is not an American failure, it is a black failure. Negroes, as a race, are not mentally able to cope with Western society, so they live on its underbelly, receiving massive amounts of charity from whites. This welfare further corrupts black communities, but those communities could not survive without it. And they are falling lower and lower all the time. Black schools have given up even the pretense of educating blacks.

The answer is to cut off black welfare completely in all its forms. This would force blacks to support themselves. They can do this by taking jobs suited to their limited abilities, as they did in the past before welfare and affirmative action distorted reality. When forced to work to feed and clothe themselves, blacks are unable to devote their time to criminal activities. They are forced to bond together by marriage to survive. They can't afford to buy illegal drugs or alcohol, and can't afford to lose their jobs by being drunk or high all the time. This sobriety will vastly decrease black crime. It's the only answer. The welfare of the Democrats has been a curse to American blacks. It insured their destruction as a people.