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I picked up a second hand copy of "Hell House" and a oringinal print of "The rise and fall of the third Reich" and a second print of "How to make friends and influence people" for 15.00 yesterday. Tv isn't worth a shit these days so I have been building my library once agin.

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Awesome haul! Ya its much better than current TV. I've tried finding new stuff but its so fucking obvious with its agenda that its insulting.

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It really is, everything has gotten so far past the point of "fuck it let's just burn it all to the ground" it's not worth watching. I find when trying to still stomach Tv renting shows/movies that 10-20 years old more then I do new ones, and for the last three months making trips to the second hand book store. Still trying to find a copy of "outwitting the devil" by Napoleon Hill.

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Didn't pay attention to the fact that Carlin wrote books. He's even more super awesome now

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Ya for sure. Nearly 900 pages of solid work. Granted its a smaller size book with larger type but still.

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Man that's a solid steal!

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Great find! I've just begun the "Discworld" series. Dunno how I've avoided it this long!