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Good post OP. Digital books can change history with a keyboard and a click of a mouse, which is the real reason why public schools keep pushing for digital text books. Old books can't be changed, only destroyed. I've built a library of first or early edition books on these very topics to hand down to my kids. I even collected first editions (1st and 2nd printings) of most of the Mark Twain books. Political correctness has already edited many of them today.

The real history of "colonial America, American Indians, Founding Fathers, slavery, American culture, the Civil War, "Irish slavery," Reconstruction, etc" is so much more complex then liberals lead you to believe. You really have to read the old books to fully understand the mindset, and not listen to someone's 200 year later interpretation of mindset.

A really good book to look through is "Jefferson Writings" personal letters, if you can find a 1984 version that doesn't have the Sally Hemmings hearsay in it. Published by Library of America. Another good one is "Washington the Soldier" by Carrington. This. Was a very popular book in it's day, so stay away from the e-book version and the latter copies. Mine is a 1st ed. published in 1898.


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Congrats on some great resources. I handle and often read a great many old books. One of the most interesting recently was John Muir's "A Thousand Mile Walk to the Gulf." He traipsed from Indianapolis to the coast of Florida right after the Civil War, and describes races, persons, and places. In fact, in some southern mountains Confederate mounted troops were still active. These first-hand accounts are direct information on by-gone days.


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I do like to collect second hand copies of books. Not just because they're cheap, but because you know that they offer a different perspective to the newer editions that are edited for modern times; it's great if you can compare the two.

Also, I wonder if this is why they're trying so hard to shut down Russian pirate book websites... Those guys aren't going to edit those books, especially if they're just scans of the hard copies.


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I would recommend printing several copies of each book you've collected and hiding them in various places, bury one set in the woods or something.

We already know that they are willing to kill in order to destroy old knowledge. Kudos for doing for the kids!