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"He who controls the past controls the future, and he who controls the present controls the past,” “The US administration cannot be trusted with its control of its past,” he said. “That is the result of this information being hidden by secrecy, but more often being hidden in the borderline between secrecy and complexity.” - Assange

We must change who controls the present, Bannon says we are at war and Trump was only the beginning. Bannon says it can take 30+ years and if our future is to not repeat our past it must be taught in our history books properly for another 200+years. The world doesn't want the idea of freedom spreading like it should of. Up to this point there has been only push back in the ballots and online meanwhile their illegal voting apparatus, propaganda, and violence thanks to PV, Hodgkinson, LV, ISIS attacks have shown their fighting tactics. Everyone is afraid of Civil War breaking out but liberals have been fighting one for decades.

"We have defeated the wrong enemy" - General George S. Patton