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Gosh, came back after a long break (life happens) and feel at home again. THANKS, u/hangry

I was ready to post a pic of the original Declaration of Independence that I have a print of, and you typed my line! People need to read the original sources! This country was founded by white people (sorry if it makes some feel unsafe, most countries back then were founded by white ppl, true story!) and "with reliance on the protection of Divine Providence", quoted from the Declaration of Independence.

Yep, that Divine Providence would be the one God of the Christians, not Buddah, Allah, or Satan. God. Under God. For in God we trust (FYI, all cops cars in my county have a side to side sticker in the back window for everyone to ponder while waiting behind them on a red light: In God We Trust. Yesss.

Just WOW!


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Original sources are unsurpassed.