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Didn't The Soviets do stuff like this?

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Start a personal Journal of all goings-on to your knowledge

Absolutely a good idea, the more people doing it the better.


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The only reason I know who the fuck Yagoda was, is because my grandfather lived through that hell and told me about it. The names of the "enemies of the people" were expunged from all media. Grandfather's school books had to be submitted for editing on fairly regular basis around that time. Printing new ones would be too expensive you see, so the names of the repressed were inked over.

Tell the real stories to those who follow.

I watch the progression of polarization in US, and I'm waiting to see the signs of control being exerted over all and not just some of the media. That would be like the sound of a starter gun for me. I'll be watching all that unfold from another continent if I can help it.

You know why europeans don't share their voting opinions so readily ? Because they remember what happens when an extremist gets all the power. Your personal library will be the proof of sedition they'll need to put you away or in the ground.


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Constantly. Cuba still does it to this day.


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I'm surprised anyone would willingly take a job that would put them in the line of fire of the regime. Do they force people into government positions, or is there a separate isolated enclave of families who're pipe-lined into those jobs?


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