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I'm tired of these loons that need to pretend it's the 1950's to claim the entitlement of feminism. Women have been in politics forever and they weren't feminists, they were politicians. If they had a good platform I would have voted for them.

People didn't vote for her because she's an inept thieving psychopath that was incapable of helping her own country. But she taught me not to ever vote for a woman. Not ever. Too bad for any decent politicians that are women. They can blame feminists.

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But, but...my vagina!?

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I'm not even reading the article.

I don't care why some washed up criminal murderer thief didn't cheat her way into the White House.

I might read a biography about her if she winds up in prison. Otherwise, I would like her to crawl back into the shadows and just disappear.

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It's funny how feminism unites all races of men in pointing out how stupid their platform is. I ask them what they want and they want a bunch of free shit or they buy into the wage gap myth. They fuckkng won already, they won decades ago. They thought having jobs would make them happy. Didn't they notice how miserable we were? Fucking morons

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I'm speaking to the echo chamber here, but lefists, reddit, et al. are trying to forget that this election cycle ever happened and trump was elected by magic. They are going to great lengths to forget all the bullshit (I mean we are too for the life of me I can't be fucked to remember because she was such a horrible human being I'd rather not let her rent space in my mind for free). She was a liar, she was bought and sold by foreign governments, (the saudis who are getting heat for their probable role in 9/11 the sand nigger fucks), corporations, feminist whack jobs who are mentally ill, she has connections to the worm podesta which does she ever mention in her book? Was connected to child traffickers in haiti, benghazi, the list goes on. She's also related closely to many political murders, and she stole the democratic primary from bernie with her super-delegate made up dog shit (and she has the nerve to blame him for disrupting the democratic party. as if she couldn't conveniently have him and his whole family offed) . She and the meth head looking bimbo wasserman-schultz are to blame solely for their loss. Try not being a corrupt piece of shit.

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Don't forget the spirit cooking.

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Well said. I've grown tired of reading curse words in comment sections written by goobers who use the word fuck in a lame attempt to come across as edgy.

Your comment is as sharp as a razor with or without profanity. Cheers.

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Well fuck, look at this fucking elitist deplorbale. Thinks cause he can read poetry and knows more words that are longer than 4 letters he's better than us. Fuck.

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"I lost"

Volume 2:

"I blamed everyone else."

Pretty fuckin' simple/

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https://archive.fo/PlUs8 | :

What Happened: we read Hillary Clinton's book so you don't have to

"Hillary Clinton's memoir, What Happened, has gone on sale this week, and it's a 512-page extravaganza of candid revelations (her love of Chardonnay, comfy clothes and a Texan martini) and finger pointing fury (James Comey, Vladimir Putin, Bernie Sanders....)."

'The book looks back in anguish, disbelief and with dry asides at what went wrong during one of the biggest upsets of recent political history. '

'While some are pleased the former secretary of state is revisiting events leading up to 8 November, other Democrats would rather save themselves the embarrassment.“I love Hillary," Minnesota's senator Al Franken recently remarked. '

'"I think she has a right to analyse what happened, but we do have to move on.”Either way, Clinton provides valuable insight into a turbulent time. '

'Here, in her own words, are her most poignant musings. '

This has been an automated message.

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Yeah right, as if she actually wrote the book herself.

I'm 100% sure it's written by one of her jewish ghostwriter.

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