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It is high time to move on from he Hillary story. She is history now.


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https://archive.fo/4B7XV | :

'What Happened' in 2016? Hillary Clinton still doesn't know - LA Times

'Clinton doesn’t spare herself from blame. '

'Hillary Clinton’s anguished, angry memoir of her presidential campaign, “What Happened,” will be unveiled this week, complete with television appearances and a 15-city lecture tour. '

'It would be one thing if Clinton’s book delivered new insights about what went wrong. '

'I’m at a loss.”With that question unanswered, she might have been better off stowing “What Happened” in a desk drawer. '

'And that, judging from the many excerpts that have leaked, is exactly what Clinton’s book is: a long and dutiful post-mortem on how she lost to an unqualified blowhard who was even less popular than she was. '

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