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For me its cars, power tools, etc. Goddamn its nice to have the means but after a while you run out of space and have to run fleet insurance just to make sure everything is covered when you want to take a particular one out for a drive or show to a guest that has taken interest at parties. CTEK trickle chargers, my garages are alive with them. Learned that one from Jay Leno. Its the only way to avoid killing all your batteries, and why most people have to replace theirs eventually. If your alternator is not charging properly or you are just taking short trips your battery is on its way out. They also have a desulphanization mode that will attempt to save a dead one. I've used successfully on the motor yacht when the marina had not winterized us properly.

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You sound like my hubby! I swear he is always buying another trickle charger and you can't walk 3 ft in either garage with seeing several. All his toys are plugged in... he loves his cars and motorcycles but there is no way to drive all of them often enough.

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Research the CTEK line for him if he hasn't already. Barrett-Jackson, the huge car auction company with the days long televised sales each year uses them exclusively. They are high quality units and even BMW provides one to their new car buyers at purchase. I've since tossed all my cheaper ones for these, half the price isn't worth it if it doesn't do its job right by overcharging the battery as a lot of them have been shown to do when put to the test. If a battery is every too hot to touch or swollen, stop charging and have the charger checked out and the battery replaced. My wife says my cars are like her shoes, though she loves to drive them too. She was a corvette girl when I met her and me a mustang guy. She almost didn't go on a second date with me once she saw what I drove. Now that we are older its luxury cars or classics with a few high horsepower specialty cars like the ACR Viper. Have a great day and thanks for the response!

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Yeah, I used to be into cars like that. Then I got into yachts. Cars are okay but there's something really special about a yacht, you know. I just keep buying em and docking wherever I can lol. Man, my docking fees are going to be so high this year.

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This is me except I go to used book stores and estate sales. I basically read one book per ten that I buy at this point in my life.

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This is so me... I just bought 4 new books and I have about 15 unread. Slowly but surely! I'm reading 3 currently... one by my bed, one in the family room, and one by the tub. Nothing like a long soak with a good read!