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The Spanish won't arrest murderers but they will arrest writers ! To deport them to a violent regime.

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Keep in mind that he was taken into custody since Turkey filed for an arrest via Interpol. Spanish authorities aren't likely to have done anything about Akhanli on their own.

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Usually though contries don't arrest/extradite people if the laws don't match up in both countries. Such people violating les majeste or blasphemy laws shouldn't be arrested in a secular country for that.

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yeah it's no ones fault, Now everyone is just a nameless agency and we can't assign blame to anyone...fuck off.

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Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition.

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Damn great argument for nationalism. I've always wondered how a borderless world would handle cases like this.

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Turkey still holds the WHOLE EU by it's balls. All it needs to do is open it's boarders. So the EU will do whatever Turkey wants with things like this.