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My 0.02. Based on mainly 2 players. Splendor is alright but nothing special I thought. 7 Wonders is good, the draft mechanic is good if you play with smart people makes it less like playing solitaire. Castles of burgundy is quite nice, through not too interactive but pleasant. Love letters is ok intro people into gaming and decent when drinking, king of tokyo also falls into this category.

Another game the wife and I like is Race for the galaxy, the learning curve is a little steep at first with lots of symbols, but it is really quite slick and fast once you learn it.


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I sold Splendor after just a few weeks of owning it (and playing a couple times a week). But now I play the app all the time!

Burgundy is way too complicated for most new players. It's the only Feld game I kept after downsizing my collection. Best with 2-3p.

Race is also great with 2p. A buddy and I regularly get together for several games in one sitting.