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They should start talking with the Chinese. Take that shit over by force. Fuck the UN and other bodies. Make a trade deal with China. Nobody else is helping. At least you can teach Chinese peasantry to fucking farm.

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They might have, if the Western Whites weren't so busy virtue signalling to all the niggers about how fucking tolerant they are. Plenty of White Christians world wide need actual asylum, but we flood our countries with illiterate, unskilled niggers.


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Unfortunately, it's not easy to emigrate to a developed country these days. Unless you're a third worlder without language or skills, apparently. Whites are given low priority and South African whites are not recognized as refugees.


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THIS is a perfect case for the usage of necklacing. Take these 3 black bastards, bring them to the town square and show the general population that this type of animal behavior will not be tolerated. Offer small bottles of a propellant to anyone who wants to avange their friends or relatives death at the hands of the cretins. Fuck niggers!!!