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Well I have no sympathy, good riddance to the whore. Taking a ride with an unknown nigger she met at 1am, walking with her arm around him and all this while she had a boyfriend. Good lord, how astray must these girls be to want that ‘dangerous’ dick. I’m glad her cheating lead to her death.

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Sessions you lazy good for nothing AG if you want to keep your job you will kill this nigger and save me some money and just basically do the right thing. That chick was really hot and some totally worthless nigger rubs her out just for the hell of it. Get on the ball Sessions and tell one of your buddies to off this waste of space. Do something for a change.

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Burned the coal. Paid the toll.

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bitch picked him up at 3am? There were drugs or prostitution involved. Probably both.

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She even spent time caring for animals and this animal killed her...

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Girl’s last name is (((kraft)))

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How did she know him?

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said he stole iphone etc, so beat her, strangled dead and robbed. Did not know him from what I read.

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How'd he steal it? What was the situation?