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THIS is why they used to get "lynched" JUSTIFIABLY HANGED in the olden days. Nigger DO NOT touch a white person EVER! You are NOT equal. the founding fathers DID NOT consider you when saying that. And SHOULD NOT HAVE. Shaq is a fucking STUPID ANIMAL PARASITE, NOT a hero.

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Imagine my shock at such never-before-heard-of news.

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Why can't we have nice things, again?

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https://archive.fo/BQM2U :

Man accused of harassing girl going to school, exposing self | Charlotte Observer

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she should carry a gun

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I tried to take a girl to the shooting range recently and as soon as she heard real gun shoots she ran away. Women have not evolved the mental thinking to protect themselved or territory. Their survival strategy for millions of years is to just spread their legs. They can not be depended on to resist invaders.

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I took a girlfriend to the range years ago. Had a snub nose .38 special. She took one shot. set it down and started crying

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You can redpill women but you will never be able to get them to become warriors