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But yet he will do everything, whether legal or not, to ensure his kid suffers the least possible consequences of his actions. I would probably do the same but I'm not the Chief of Police nor taken a pledge of upholding the public's interests.

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If the victim was white, possibly, but the victim wasn't so anything he does more substantial than hiring an attorney for his son won't be getting the intense sort of cover he'd otherwise get and that's entirely assuming his son isn't so deeply entrenched in his leftist ideologies as to refuse his fathers help.

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I saw a news report this evening where the Chief sent out a statement that (paraphrased) "Even though this is my son, my loyalty is to the law and the oath I have taken to uphold it". That's great, but he's not the Judge that will be handing down the punishment and, even if not expressly requested, the "brotherhood" of LEO's and courts still exists. I'll wait to see the results, not talk and posturing beforehand.