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Or it will keep going lower.

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It's down .52%

point five two.

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He said in the last 9 monts.

Never go full retard

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Wait until Trump's last term in office. It will continue dropping as long as we have an honest man as the president. Value will skyrocket if the Democrats hold the office again. Be patient goats, and we could all make a lot of money.

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Because I care about America - I want Trump to be president for a 2nd term.

Because I'm a tech capitalist - I want a corrupt Dem to be president. Someone who will skyrocket minimum wage and force everyone to use tech automation. Someone who will destroy confidence in the dollar so my alternative investments are more valuable. Someone who will make it cheaper for me to work with China and skirt around EPA regs. Etc. Etc.

Sadly, I have a soul and care about other people ... so I'll continue to support Trump.

Too many tech capitalists (especially in Silicon Valley) don't have souls ... they know the corrupt policies of the Dems (and RINO Republicans) just means more $$ for themselves.

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I didn't know that BPS was a bitcoin trader. He's usually pretty informed, but if I recall correctly, the thing he mentioned about Goldman Sachs was fake news.

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What news was that?

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There was some news released recently that they had cancelled their plans to open a crypto trading desk. Days after release, someone from Goldman commented that it was not true, and that the story was fake. Perhaps someone just wanted Bitcoin to dip for a day or two so they could get a good price. Who knows?

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Crypto = CASHLESS SOCIETY...that is not good. Everything is documented/observed too...fuck that

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https://invidio.us/watch?v=eHJ5MT85-F0 :

Bitcoin Hits ROCK BOTTOM & A REVERSAL Seems NEAR - YouTube

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