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Can you explain me for what reason some countries don't accept Bitcoin? It's so useful that you can use it everywhere.. What they're afraid of?

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You can replace many utilities. You become your own bank. No more intermediate parties who ask ridiculous fees. You decentralize industries, not just financial. But specifically financial is what worries government because if the people move to e-currencies then these governments lose control over the economy and can no longer steal from the people through Keynesian Economics where they print money out of nothing (quantative easing) and by using inflation which perpetuates a FIAT currency system in which cronyism and corruption permeates.

Stefan Molyneux did a interesting analogy on it in the video 'The Hidden Dangers of Bitcoin'.

The Hidden Dangers of Bitcoin

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Aw.. I thought it's up to danger of terrorist attacks sponsorship. But anyway, people save their money not only in Crypto so what then? Forbid everything except of paper money?